Understanding lemurs' populations
in Vohimana

Created in 2003, the experimental reserve of Vohimana, in the forest of medium altitude in the eastern part of Madagascar, hosts many amphibian endemic species, but also at least 12 species of primates, such as Indri and Sifaka lemurs.


Both are threatened species, in particular because of poaching and of the destruction of their habitat. The NGO Man and Nature is helping the local communities to build an eco-touristic place, where all profits are given to their local association. This place also welcomes students from several countries that come to support the development and conservation activities. In view of the threats to these ecosystems full of biodiversity, one of the main objectives is to develop sustainable income-generating activities for local populations, in an environmentally friendly way, and to directly convince the communities to protect the fauna and their natural habitats.


To better understand and to better protect the Indri and Sifaka populations in the Vohimana reserve, a monitoring protocol of lemurs has been established. A better knowledge of movement patterns and of their behaviors will help to develop adapted conservation measures, to reinforce eco-tourism activities and to raise awareness on the preservation of the local heritage.



  • To establish monitoring protocols of lemurs in the protected area of Vohimana, in particular of Indri and Sikafa species
  • To collect data to better understand the behavior and the movements of these species
  • Train local guides to accompany biologists and volunteers, and reinforce eco-tourism activities